Get the answers to the most asked questions on our website. These questions and answers may help you know about our services at C & B Public House.

Q: Why come to C & B Public House?
A: Because we provide food and drinks that are not usually found in other restaurants in Tampa. You will discover a whole new taste and atmosphere typically not found in Tampa. We provide authentic English food professionally prepared by the chef and owner of the C & B Public House that will leave you wanting to come back often to try other dishes. Signature drinks of the Pub including British wine and whiskey and premium craft beers from local and famous breweries are a few of the examples.

Q: Do you accept reservations?
A: We’re very sorry for that but we do not accept reservations as the pub house always has a queue of customers waiting for their tables. We suggest arriving early prior to our opening hours.

Q: Are organic meals available at C & B Public House?
A: Yes. We always strive to do our best to give you quality services and food that will meet the customers’ standard. Therefore, we offer many types of food such as organic products and meals and vegan for those customers who wish for it. We assure you that the food we prepare meets USDA’s standard.

Q: Is there a dress code?
C & B does not require any dress code. We are a casual pub house so feel free to dine in your most comfortable attire.

Q: What benefits I will receive when I get a loyalty and reward card?
A: By availing our loyalty and reward card, you will accumulate points by dining in and ordering food and drinks at C & B. Your points can be redeemed for prizes, gift cards and more. This is the only way for us to approach and give thanks to our loyal customers.

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