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founders all day ipa  Pint Night Thursdays!  We feature a different craft ale every Thursday at Cock & Bull.  Buy the Pint…Keep the Glass!  Our Featured Pint in Mainstrasse Village for May 28th:  Founders All Day IPA.  Thursday at 6pm!


trivia tuesdays mainstrasse

Trivia at Cock & Bull Mainstrasse Village, 8pm Tuesdays. 


Summer Concert Series at the Goose Girl Fountain Mainstrasse Village, Sponsored by Cock & Bull:

May 30th:  Carl G.

June 5th: Carl G.

June 11th: Carl G.

June 12th:  Jerome Calia

June 13th:   Jerome Calia

June 18th:  Hillary Hahn

June 19th:  Carl G.

June 27th:  Jerome Calia

July 3rd:  Carl G.

July 9th:  Carl G.

July 16th:  Hillary Hahn

July 17th:  Jerome Calia

July 18th:  Carl G.

July 24th:  Jerome Calia

July 25th:  Matt Capps

July 31st:  Carl G.

August 7th:  Matt Capps

August 8th:  Carl G.

August 14th:  Jerome Calia

August 15th:  Jerome Calia

August 20th:  Carl G

August 22nd:  Hillary Hahn

August 29th:  Carl G.

September 4th:  Carl G.

September 5th:  Hillary Hahn

September 11th:  Jerome Calia

September 12th:  Carl G.

September 18th:  Carl G.

September 19th:  Jerome Calia

September 24th:  Carl G.

September 25th:  Jerome Calia

September 26th:  Hillary Hahn



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