Everything You Need to Know About Drinking at C & B Public House



C & B invites you to come and enjoy our craft beers in an old English style Pub House in Tampa, Florida!

If you are asking if there’s really an old English style pub house in Tampa, the answer is, yes. There is an old English style pub house in Tampa. So you do not have to take a plane and spend lots of cash just to experience and enjoy British pubs. Here, you will know everything about drinking at the C & B Public House.

Being in Tampa, C & B Public House provides food and drinks that are not usually found in other pub houses in Tampa. Customers, from locals and tourists of Tampa, which we call patrons will discover a whole new taste and atmosphere typically not found in Tampa. Authentic British food professionally prepared in their own way by the Chef and owner of C & B Pub House will leave you wanting to come back more often to try other dishes. Signature drinks of the Pub, including British whiskey and wine and premium craft beers from local and imported breweries are available.

The word “Pub House” is actually just short for “Public House”, therefore, the idea is to create a place which you can call and feel that you’re at home away from home. For the customers of Tampa, we want them to enjoy and experience a pub house with an old English feel. From the inside, you will find rustic chairs and lamps. Meanwhile, on the outside space, there’s a relaxing, welcoming, comforting and breezy atmosphere that you will surely love. Upon walking the area you will notice an old dark wood garage door in Tampa that will capture your interest to walk down to our pub house. C & B Public House in Tampa, Florida provides both a smoking and non-smoking lounge to serve patrons. We did in fact use Tampa, FL A1 Garage Door Services for their awesome garage door installation. The bar, which is a smoking area, boasts of a wide screen television with sporting events and daily entertainment. The Celtic Lounge is a high-end non-smoking area featuring many of their impressive arrays of imported fine wines.

Any beer poured at the C & B Pub House goes through a lot of sanitation and quality control levels before it ever makes its way to your beer mug. Just pay attention to the process of pouring and presentation. You will know immediately whether the beer is good or not, whether it is clean or not. Don’t be carried away but the fact that you should know that the responsible servers need to clean their tap lines everytime or at least every month is really important. That’s what C & B doing, they ensure the cleanliness and great taste of their premium crafted beers.

So come and experience for yourself a “turn back time feels” in an old English style at one of the best pub houses in Tampa, Florida –C & B Public House. Know that alcohol can affect you, even in small amounts so whether you are a novice or a pub goer, enjoy your time at C & B pub house and of course be a responsible drinker all the time. Cheers!

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