Our bar is named after Carol

Our bar is named after Carol and Bryan Smith, two English siblings born in Britain but raised in Tampa, Florida, USA. Their parents decided to build an English pub house near the historical park and museum in Tampa. Since they are good cooks and have knowledge about business, their dream become reality. This is also the reason why they named their business after their children.

The C & B Public House was opened in 1995. Amazingly enough, without any signage and advertising, the place survived. Their goal is to match the appearance and theme of the pub house to the area which is a historical place in Tampa. They created an old English pub house that will bring you back in time.

C & B appeared in different magazines, TV shows, and newspapers, not only in Tampa but in the whole country. We are proud to say that we have been nominated and won different awards. With the fastest growth of the pub house, we’ve decided to stay where we started and just renovated it to put in a bigger space. The newly-built pub features antique and stained dark oak wood floors, walls, and doors, cozy fireplaces, rustic chairs and lamps, an old bookshelf with numerous used books that can actually be available for the customers to read. Just like before, it featured an old world British feel to it. We also now have an impressive array of British wine and whiskey selections and more premium craft beers from local and famous breweries from around the United States and Britain.

Thank you for supporting C & B Public House throughout the years and made it the success that it is. And because of your nonstop support, we created a loyalty and reward cards for our loyal customers. Great deals and freebies await you. Contact us for further details.

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